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Vietnam War - Exploring Perspectives through Primary Sources: Student Protests


First, read through the UK newspaper clippings for the dates below, as well as the background information from the New York Times. Then, answer the following questions about the UK student protests, based on the readings.

1.  Who are the narrators of these items?  Under what conditions and circumstances are they writing?

2.  Do these items present a particular point of view, multiple points of view, objectivity, or bias?  Please describe.

3.  How do these sources and events described change or inform your understanding of the Vietnam War in Kentucky?

Student Protests at the University of Kentucky

National Context/Background - New York Times Articles

UK Campus, Guarded

From: Newspaper Clippings

Burned Remains of ROTC

ROTC Fire, 6 May 1970
From: University Archives, Public Relations