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Vietnam War - Exploring Perspectives through Primary Sources: Soldiers' Experiences


Read and think about the letters, poems, songs, and other items below to discover how solider's in Kentucky experienced the war.  Answer the following questions based on your reading.

1.  Who are the narrators of these items?  Under what conditions and circumstances are they writing?

2.  Describe the points of view that you find.  Do they show any points of view or biases, communicate feelings, or provide objective information?

3.  How do these stories change or inform your understanding of the Vietnam War?

Soldiers' Experiences


Description: American servicemen, former prisoners of war, are cheering as their aircraft takes off from an airfield near Hanoi as part of Operation Homecoming, February 1973.

Location: Hanoi, North Vietnam.

Source: National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), Still Picture Unit, NAIL Control No. NWDNS-127-N-A900056.

Col. Arthur L. Kelly

Department Chairman, Professor of Military Science, retired August, 24, 1976

Additional oral histories are available online through the Colonel Arthur L. Kelly Veterans Oral History Project.