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Vietnam War - Exploring Perspectives through Primary Sources: Cooper-Church Amendment


Read through the New York Times articles to familiarize yourself with the Cooper-Church Amendment, and the letters from Kentucky citizens who either supported or did not support the amendment.   Answer the following questions based on your reading.

1.  Who are the narrators of these items?  Under what conditions and circumstances are they writing?

2.  Describe the points of view, conflicts, or biases that you find.

3.  How do these sources change or inform your understanding of the Vietnam War in Kentucky?

Letters from Kentucky Constituents

Cooper-Church Amendment - New York Times Articles

John Sherman Cooper

b. 1901, d. 1991
KY House of Representatives, 1928 - 1930
Judge of Pulaski County, Ky., 1930 - 1938
Board of Trustees of UK, 1934 - 1946
KY U.S. Senator, 1946 - 1949, 1952 - 1973
Ambassador to the German Democratic Republic, 1974 - 1976