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Vietnam War - Exploring Perspectives through Primary Sources: Still in the News

Reflection Activity

After reading these sources, discuss as a class or in small groups:
How can archives still change "what we thought we knew" about both recent and historical events?

The girl in the picture: Kim Phuc's journey from war to forgiveness
CNN, By Paula Newton and Thom Patterson, posted 20 August 2015.

Vietnam War Bombs Still Killing People 40 Years Later
Huffington Post, by Chris Brummitt, posted 14 August 2013.

'Anything That Moves': Civilians And The Vietnam War
NPR, aired 28 January 2013. Click link to listen or read transcript.
In this brief interview, author Nick Turse describes his decision to write this book "after stumbling on a previously unexplored cache of documents in the basement of the National Archives that detailed allegations of atrocities in Vietnam."

The Lyndon Johnson tapes: Richard Nixon's 'treason'
BBC News Magazine, by David Taylor, posted 2 March 2013.
This article discusses the contents of tapes declassified in 2008 and held at the LBJ Library, which provide insights into the Presidency and the Vietnam War.  Includes audio clips.

U.S. Eases Embargo on Arms to Vietnam
New York Times, by Micheal R. Gordon, posted 2 October 2014.

How The CIA Twisted The Legacy Of A Vietnam War Protest To Justify Torture
Huffington Post, by Matt Sledge, posted 16 December 2014.

Vietnam, the ongoing memory
Harvard Gazette, by Corydon Ireland, posted 19 December 2014.