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War and Society - Archival Exercise: Archival Materials Viewed in Class

Materials Viewed in Class

Station #1: War Mobilization on Campus

Station #2: Views from the Field

  • Tandy M. Pryor World War I photographs (2004av053) Photo Album (online images available)
    Photographic album with images taken during and after World War I.
  • George Canary letters, from the Wade Hall Collection of American Letters (2009ms132.0004), Box 6-8, 10-12
    Letters, drawings, and mock newsletters from Captain George Canary, stationed in England during WWII, to his family and loved ones in the United States.

Station #3: Views from Home

  • Armed Forces Integration Materials, (unprocessed from Howard Collection), 1945-1950
  • Collections from the Wade Hall Collection of American Letters
    • Jack and Norah Parker  letters (2009ms132.0081) Box 39, Folders 1, 2, and 3. 
      Written during World War I from a Louisville woman to her husband, an Army Sergeant.
    • Dessie Gum Sharp letters (2009ms132.0084) Box 42, Folder 7, 8, and 9.
      A collection of letters from immediately following WWI and during WWII.  Sharp received letters from her husband following WWI as he traveled among Kentucky towns for his duties in recruiting.  Later letters are from her son in the Army Air Corps during WWI.

Station #4: The Memory of War (Oral Histories)

Station #5: Propaganda and the War Effort (Posters)

  • Oversize Propaganda Posters - WWI
  • Oversize Propaganda Posters - WWII

Materials Used in Prior Years (Not Used for Classes Fall 2016)

  • In processing - University Archives, General File, Student's Army Training Corp (SATC), Box 1
  • Too fragile - Johnston Family Papers, African Front Diary (M87M29),  Box 1
  • Too fragile - John Jacob Niles Collection (M82M9), Personal Memorabilia, Box 57 and brown leather scrapbook (Oversized Box)

Resources for Continuing Your Research