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readcube: Creating an Account

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readcube Assistance

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Setting up a readcube account

The readcube account is necessary for access to articles available through readcube; it also keeps track of what articles you have read and stored.

1. Follow the login/register link in the top right corner to register or to login when you initially come to the readcube site via a article from a title on the UK readcube journal list using any UK-specific database that indexes any of the UK readcube-enabled-journals  [e.g., Google Scholar (UK), PubMed (UK)] or by going directly to the UK-subscribed Nature site [accessed from this guide or from the Libraries' website]. In UK-specific databases, use View Now at UK to find the link to; all readcube access will be on the site.


If you attempt to view a readcube article but haven't yet registered for an account, you will be prompted to register at that point (see below: Creat New Account).

Once you are registered, you will then be able to log in and view the article via readcube.