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Geochemistry & Petrology: Geologic Maps

A guide providing suggested resources and other information for beginning research on the topics of Geochemistry and Petrology.

Geologic Map


 Geologic Map of the Lexington West Quadrangle, Fayette and Scott Counties, KY


Find Maps at UK

To find maps, search InfoKat Discovery (IKD) by author, title, or keyword. IKD will list the location and call number for each map.

Maps in the University of Kentucky Libraries' collections do not circulate.

Characteristics of a Geologic Map

  • show pattern of rocks and earth materials beneath the Earth's surface
  • show distribution of geologic features, structural features, mineral deposits and fossil localities
  • are interpretations of geologic observations at a certain point in time
  • take years of work to complete
  • are based on measurements taken in the field and other supporting geologic data
  • geologic features and age of rock units are shown by colors, lines and specialized symbols

 Get more detailed information on geologic maps and samples of various types of geologic maps:

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