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Research Data Services at UK: Data Repositories

Resources and information to help you get started with data management, data preservation, and data sharing

Why share your data?

Funding agencies and publishers increasingly require that the data associated with funded research and the publications associated with that research be placed in a repository that is accessible to the public. A number of options are available to help you fill these requirements:

  1. A subject-based repository or archive
  2. UKnowledge, UK's institutional repository
  3. A journal that publishes data sets along with the article
  4. A project website

Not all data can be shared due to legal, ethical, or practical reasons. Restrictions due to privacy, confidentiality, security or intellectual property can be valid reasons for restricting data. If this is the case, you must address this in your data management plan.  



UKnowledge captures, stores, organizes, and provides open and stable worldwide access to UK's intellectual capital. It facilitates reuse or deposited materials to the extent warranted by copyright law or by the licensing terms of the concerned material. Members of UK's academic community are encouraged to contribute their scholarship to UKnowledge.

Locating a Repository

‚Äč (Registry of Research Data Repositories) is a global registry of research data repositories. The registry covers research data repositories from different academic disciplines.