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Business Ethics: Background Information

This LibGuide is an introduction to business ethics and corporate social responsibility. Included in this guide are highlighted books, articles, databases, encyclopedias, films, and websites to help get your research started.

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The call numbers for Business Ethics range from HF5387 to HF5387.5

The call numbers for Corporate Social Responsibility range from HD60 to HD60.5.

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Here are some definitions to help you understand some initial terms and concepts. 

Business Ethics: Accepted standards of conduct for business decision making. Operating in an ethical manner means knowing what is right and wrong and attempting to do what is right in dealing with stakeholders.  

Code of Ethics: A collection of rules of conduct to be used in guiding ethical behavior. 

Conflict of Interest: A situation in which a person has competing personal and professional interests. For example, a corporate executive who is part owner of a company that does business with the firm at which the executive is employed. 

Ethical: Performed in a manner that is consistent with accepted standards of conduct. 

Fair Use: In copyright law, the legal reproduction of copyrighted material without permission of the copyright holder and without paying a fee. Fair use is not clearly defined but is generally considered to include reviews, scholarly research, and news reports. 

Transparency: The full, accurate, and timely disclosure of information.  Transparency makes it more likely that assests with be accurately valued. 

Whistleblower: An employeed or former employee who reports misconduct by one or more members of an organization. For example, an employee reports that members of management are participating in an illegal surveillance program. 


For more terms related to Business Ethics, use the book below: 


Below are some recommended encyclopedias to help with your initial research.  

Subject Headings

Here are some of the Library of Congress subject headings that are related to Business Ethics: 

Business Ethics

Commercial Ethics

Corporate Ethics

Corporation Ethics

Professional Ethics

Wealth--Moral and Ethical Aspects

Business Intelligence

Corporations--Corrupts Practices


Social Responsibility of Business

Global Financial Crisis, 2008-2009 

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