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SW 430-201: Social Welfare Policy: Theory & Implementation: Home

This is a research guide to selected online and print resources which could be of help to students researching social welfare policies for their SW 430 assignments. It will make it easier for students identify appropriate research tools.

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Keywords and Subjects for SW 430

Most of us are already familiar with keyword searching.  We type any word or words we think will give us results into a Google-like search box and voila! we have search results. Usually lots and lots of search results. With a keyword search you almost always get something to work with, but much of it may be only marginally valuable if worth anything at all to your research. Fortunately, most databases offer you the opportunity to identify subjects/descriptors from your search results and use those terms to redo your search,  resulting in a smaller, more targeted set of search results.  

See some suggested search terms for social issues and policy areas in the boxes in the center column.

Exploring Your Topic with Reference Sources (Encylopedias, Dictionaries, Handbooks, etc.)

Reference sources are not intended to be read cover-to-cover for in-depth information on a topic.  In a concise format, they provide you with some basic information to help you begin to explore a topic before you commit to in-depth research . A reference source can provide the following:

Background information
Brief, factual overviews of topics
Important dates, events, and people associated with the topic
Terminology and definitions of terms related to the topic
Short bibliographies of essential citations you can use as a springboard for your research. 

In addition, articles in many of these reference sources provided by UK Libraries are written by and attributed to individuals whose education and experience qualify them as experts on the topic.  Please consider using one of the online reference collections listed below to Explore Your Topic!

Topic Keywords for SW 430

Abortion Hate Crimes
Adoption Health Care Reform
Affirmative Action Health Policy
Ageism Homelessness
AIDS/HIV Immigration
Alcohol Abuse Law and Civil Rights
Anti-Muslim Discrimination and Violence Legal Services for the Poor
Anti-Semitism Medicare and Medicaid Reform
At Risk Students: Higher Education Mental Illness
Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder Migrant Workers
Autism Minimum and Living Wages
Bi-lingualism Native Americans and Government Policy
Birth Control Needle Exchange Programs
Cancer Police Abuse and Corruption
Child Abuse and Molestation Pornography
Child Labor Poverty and Wealth
Civil Liberties Prison Reform and Prisoner Rights
Civil Rights Race and Ethnicity
Crime Racial Profiling
Criminal Rights Rape
Cults and Alternative Religions Reproductive Rights and Technology
Disability Rights Rioting
Divorce and Child Support School Violence
Domestic Violence Social Security
Drug Abuse Social Security Reform
Eating Disorders Suicide
Education Terrorism, Domestic
Euthanasia Terrorism, Foreign
Foster Care Terrorism, War on
Gambling Tobacco and tobacco-related health issues
Gangs Veterans' Issues
Gay and Lesbian Rights Welfare and welfare reform
Gun violence and gun control Women's Rights

Subjects for Policy Studies for SW 430

Any geographic name can be used as a subject term, e.g., United States, Kentucky, Lexington

Social policy 
Social problems
Social movements
Social conditions

Anthropology and Human Environmental Sciences Librarian

Jo Staggs-Neel
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