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InfoKat Discovery: Citing and Sharing

Citing and Sharing

InfoKat Discovery has many options for citing and sharing titles you find there; those options are available from the Actions menu on the right of the screen when you have a View Now or Availability window open.

  • Add to e-Shelf -- adds the item to your InfoKat Discovery e-Shelf. If you are signed in, you can save and organize materials there.
  • Email -- emails information about the title (Details + Availability) to an email address you specify
  • Print -- prints information about the title to your local or network printer
  • Permalink -- provides a permanent link to the record. If you send somebody a link to an IKD record, use a Permalink!
  • Citation -- provides a citation to the title formatted in APA, Chicago/Turabian, and MLA styles
  • EasyBib -- exports a citation to EasyBib
  • EndNote -- exports a citation to EndNote
  • RefWorks -- exports a citation to RefWorks 
  • Delicious -- exports a bookmark to Delicious
  • Export RIS -- exports a citation in RIS format