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Resources for MSLS Students: Resumes, CVs, and Cover Letters

Information about jobs and professional organizations

Resumes, CVs, and Cover Letters

General Information Resources

Career Ready (UK's James. W. Stuckert Career Center)

  • UK's Career Center has fantastic resources on their Career Ready page that covers Resumes, Cover Letters, CVs, Interviewing and Etiquette. You will find information on common sections to include, sample documents, and other helpful tips for making sure you will be successful when applying for a job.

Cover Letters, Resumes, and Interview Tips

  • Hear from Mr. Library Dude, an academic librarian since 2003, as he details insightful tips for crafting cover letters and resumes from the viewpoint of someone who has gone through the hiring process as both the applicant and the hirer. 

Resumes, Cover Letters, CV's, and Thank You Letters...Oh My!

  • Provided by the ALA, this source can you link to a variety of sites that are all aimed at helping you learn the in's and out's of these various materials that will aid you in the application process.

Tips for Library Job Applicants

  • In this post, librarian Meredith Farkas details mistakes she's seen job applicants make over and over again when submitting their resumes and cover letters and how to avoid those mistakes in the future.

Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Writing the Curriculum Vitae

  • In this concise article, the Purdue OWL details what a CV is, how it differs from a resume, and what sections you should include when writing one.

Tips and Samples

  • Written by The Graduate College at Illinois, this resource provides several samples of CVs to help you understand what they should look like.


What Your Resume Should Look Like in 2018

  • While there is no one right way to create a resume, this article from TIME will give you practical insights on how to structure your resume while also providing an example for you to view.

Resume Workshop PowerPoint

  • Created by the Purdue OWL, this is an extensive resource that provides information on how to compose your resume to best fit the job that you are applying to.

Cover Letters

How to Write a Cover Letter

  • In this article from the Harvard Business Review, you'll find information on how to write a cover letter that provides hiring managers with the information they're looking for so that you can increase your chances of getting an interview.

Open Cover Letters

  • Although it hasn't been updated since 2016, this site provides anonymous cover letters from hired librarians and archivists. The site has archives going back to 2011 and will help you see how each person tailored their cover letter to the job for which they were applying.

The Interview Process

Specific Types of Libraries

Academic Interview Process

  • Provided by the ALA, this in-depth article covers the academic interview process with sections on how to research the prospective institution, what a typical interview day will look like, and other insightful information to help you feel confident when you land an interview.

School Media Specialist Interview Questions

  • This article covers a variety of questions you may be asked and also provides you with helpful interview tips.

Public Libraries: Ace the Interview

  • Here you will find helpful questions to prepare answers to ahead of time including situational questions such as, "How do you respond when a patron wants a book removed from the shelves?"

Interview Questions

Library Interview Questions

  • Compiled by Mr. Library Dude, this page will allow you to find questions pertaining to a wide spectrum of areas: commonly asked questions, job-specific questions, and everything in between.

Preparing for Tough Interview Questions

  • Every interview will likely include a few questions that leave you unsure how to answer. While hiring managers are not necessarily looking for a right or wrong answer, they do want to see how you think on your feet. This article provides helpful information for how to handle those questions in a calm, confident way that will lead to an effective response.

Questions to Ask Your Interviewers

  • Don't forget that you are interviewing the library as much as they are interviewing you! Provided here is a set of questions that you can ask your interviewers in order to get a better feel for the institution you are applying to.

Interview Preparation

Phone Interview Strategies

  • Phone interviews are inherently different from on-site interviews which can lead to different preparation challenges. Hear first-hand from someone who has done multiple phone interviews and her tips for doing them well.

Preparing for a Library Job Interview

  • In this detailed post, find links for commonly asked questions, questions you can ask interviewers, and more.

Interview Pitalls

  • There are some things you just shouldn't do during an interview. While some of the items on this list seem like common sense, it's still helpful for making sure you avoid costly mistakes.

7 Step Interview Prep Plan

  • Created by Princeton University, this source provides you with a 7 step plan for making sure you are prepared for your interview. While including information about researching the organization, it also includes practical information on how to dress for success.