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Resources for MSLS Students: Opportunities for Library Experience

Job sources, libraries, professional organizations

Graduate Assistantships


Paid (and Unpaid) Internships

There are multiple opportunities for internships (both paid and unpaid) around the Lexington area for library students.  Be sure to check the following locations for more information about these positions.


-Carriage Museum

-Eastern Kentucky University 

-Georgetown College 


-Lexington History Museum

-Lexington Public Library

-Liberty Hall


-Murray State University

-Transylvania University


If you are unable to commit to an internship, volunteering at local libraries and/or museum is one great way to get experience in a library setting.  Although the experiences may be more limited than what you would find in an internship, it is still worth checking out these opportunities.  Check with your local public library or academic library for more information. 

Lexington Public Library Northside Branch and Village Branch always need people to volunteer to help with homework and tutoring. Volunteer one night a week to help students with their homework. This is especially good if you are a school librarian, or if you need additional experience teaching.

Lexington Public Libraries also has many part-time job openings for page positions, library assistant positions, and other opportunities.