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HHS 453: Cultural Competence in Healthcare: Help Getting Started and Relevant Databases

PUBMED EXAMPLE: Searching Keywords vs. Subject Terms

(Part II of a series)

Assignment Calculator

Use the Assignment Calculator to calcuate how much time you need to devote to each step of your research project.

Article Databases

Here are some recommended healthcare article databases.  You can find others through the Medical Center Library website. Always go through the Med Center library website to begin searches as our URL links you directly with what we have access to, as well as the link to our Document Delivery service.  Links to databases and journals on our site have also been configured to give you access even if you're off campus.  Just log in with your LinkBlue credentials.  As a UK student, this is all "free" -- it's included in tuition costs.  You should never pay for an article.

Additional Databases of Interest