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HHS 454: Help Getting Started

Fall 2018

Overview of InfoKat Discovery

Watch this short video for an overview and tips to get the most out of our new discovery system, InfoKat Discovery. IKD includes our library catalog plus additional resources, including content from some (not all!) article databases and local digital collections.

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Assignment Calculator

Use the Assignment Calculator to calcuate how much time you need to devote to each step of your research project.

Identifying Keywords/Search Terms

Before you can begin searching for information in a print or online resource, you need to identify keywords related to your topic. You can also think of these words as search terms because you enter them into the search boxes in databases or search engines to get your results. Keywords can be found easily by scanning:

  • Turn your initial research topic into a question:  What role did Rose O'Neal Greenhow play in the Civil War? Search Terms:  Rose O'Neal Greenhow, Civil War
  • Encyclopedia and other articles used when conducting background research,
  • Bibliographies found at the end of books and articles.

If you are still struggling, then try these suggestions:

  • Use a thesaurus to identify synonyms.
  • Find pictures related to your topic, then describe the picture.
  • Brainstorm keywords with a librarian, your instructor, or a friend.

How to turn your topic into search terms

Boolean Operators