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CIS 112: Accelerated Composition and Communication: Find Articles for Your Essay

Fall 2017

Look for Background Information Here

Begin with Gale Virtual Reference Library to quickly locate information on your topic or to help you focus your topic idea.

Scholarly Articles


Find Articles Here

Academic Search Complete is a good place to find credible and scholarly articles on a variety of subjects. 
Pay attention to the publication date of the article.  If you are researching a topic that is current or is updated frequently, you will want to look for the most recent articles published.

Academic Search Complete

Getting Help

If you get stuck as you're working on your library research, please ask for help! That's why we're here. Use this Ask Us button below to talk with a librarian via Chat:

if you are in a library, stop by a service desk for help! Or make an appointment with a research librarian. Check out the full Ask Us service page for email, phone and other options.