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These are some important organizations around the world that focus on providing power through the use of Renewable Energy Sources.

Finding a Known Article

If you are looking for a particular article, there are two places to look.

To see if UK has access to the article electronically, check the E-Journals A-Z list--you must search this list by the JOURNAL title, NOT the article title.

To find out if UK owns a paper copy of the article, check InfoKat Discovery. In InfoKat Discovery, you can search for the journal  OR the article title.

If the article is not available either electronically or in paper, you can order it using our Interlibrary Loan Service.

About This Guide


This guide provides information about the different types of renewable energy sources, some basic information about each of them while also providing a variety of resources to access more information about each of the topics. This guide will touch on the major types of renewable energy sources but are not limited to only these. 

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Electronic Resources

The following databases allow for the broadest, most comprehensive, and most easily-accessible coverage of renewable energy sources.



The following links, provide concise charts and graphs expanding on the use of renewable energy sources in today's society. 

Finding Articles

The following databases are good places to look for articles on Renewable Energy Sources and related topics. Each of these databases includes links to a large amount of full-text articles. Look for links to PDF or HTML full-text. If there is no link, you will see the following icon:

Click on it to see if UK Libraries has access to an electronic or paper copy of the article. If not, there will be a link to UK Libraries Interlibrary Loan service.