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CHI 331: Introduction to Modern Chinese Culture: Getting Started

Key Online Resources


Welcome to the guide for CHI 331: Introduction to Modern Chinese Culture.

This guide will connect you with resources to find books, journal articles, information from reference books and other sources.

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Getting Started with your Research

Some tips to get you started:

  • Understand your assignment.  What kind of information do you need?  Peer-reviewed journal articles, literary criticism, biographical information?
  • Know your deadlines.  It is so much easier to do your research early so that you will have plenty of time to write your paper.
  • Develop your topic.  Narrowing your broad idea to a specific question you want to research will save you much time and effort.
  • Brainstorm keywords.  Think about keywords related to each aspect of your topic to help in searching.

For more research tips go to:

What is an Academic Source? [note: academic, scholarly, and peer reviewed are all terms used for academic articles]

How to Search for Academic Sources