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The links below will lead you to tutorials and guides created and hosted by the database provider.  Even a short investment of time may pay off by showing you an advanced feature that makes your search more productive.

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Susan Foster-Harper
Medical Center Library

Special Topic: Literature Reviews and Integrated Literature Reviews

Integrative Reviews:  1) commonly include non-experimental research, such as case studies, observational studies, and meta-analyses, but may also include practice applications, theory, and guidelines; 2) search and selection methodology should be described well enough for another researcher to duplicate the process; 3)  selected literature should be analyzed, not just summarized--articles and groups of articles compared, themes identified, gaps noted, etc.

Recommended: The integrative review: updated methodology (Whittemore & Knaf, 2005, Journal of Advanced Nursing, 52(5), 546–553) provides an overview of the purpose and practice of integrative reviews.

Literature Reviews: 1) Summaries of relevant literature; 2) generally descriptive; 3) not necessarily any analysis of the literature; 4) methodology of the literature search is not always given; 5) good for gaining background knowledge of a subject without having to do all the searches and reading yourself; 6) good source for starting reading lists and literature searches; 7) not generally considered a good source for clinical decision making; 8) Note: In the past, reviews were not differentiated by type, so older reviews may use systematic or integrative methodology but not be specified as such.