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Guide for section 401 of CIS 110, Fall 2016


Welcome, CIS 110 students from section 401!


 Use this research guide as a starting point for your essay assignment. Complete the research exercise by the end of class on September 26th. Throughout the semester feel free to contact me or the reference desk, using the Ask Us link to the left, with any questions you have. We would be more than happy to help you find sources for any of your classes. 


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Starting Your Research

Use the Terminology of Your Discipline

In order to find scholarly articles on your topic, you need to use the words that researchers use. One way to locate the correct terminology is by using the thesaurus included in the database you are using.

You can also go directly into the database and do a preliminary search for articles on your topic. Then, (and this is important) pay attention to the Subjects assigned to the article. The Subjects are the "official or expert" terms that describe your topic.

Guide Created by:

Lauren Farmer

Fall 2016