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CLA 135: Greek and Roman Mythology: Getting Started

The Greek myths studied both from the standpoint of their meaning to the Greeks and Romans and from the standpoint of their use in later literature and in everyday life.

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This guide is designed to help you with your CLA 135 term paper.  Within the guide are tips, tools, and resources for both your research and the writing process. Click on either the tabs above or the links below to walk through the steps of the research process.

The research process typically includes 4 broad steps. Most often you complete one step before moving onto the next. However, there may be times when you will need to return to a previous step or work on multiple steps simultaneously.

Step 1. Develop Your Topic 
Select a Topic1b. Identify Keywords

Step 2. Search Strategies 
Refine Your Topic

Step 3. Find and Evaluate Information Sources
Evaluate Sources

Step 4:  Cite Sources
4a. Avoid Plagiarism

The actual writing process usually begins after you have completed steps 1-3 above.  Producing a strong, well crafted research paper requires skill and understanding of the writing process.  See the orange box, "Writing Tip," below for more information about writing assistance.

Writing Tip!

Here's a bit of tested and true advice for anyone struggling with writing skills--including grammar, spelling, sentence structure, punctuation, and generally conveying your points in writing. One quick source the Online Writing Lab (OWL) at Purdue University. Utilize the great services of UK's Writing Center, located in Young Library, B-108B (in the basement) and offering online consultations.  To use the writing center, register as a new client at ; then log on with your email address and the password that you created when you registered.

On the schedule, check the consultant names in the column to the far left. All consultants are available for face-to-face consultations.

Some consultants are also available for online consultations. You should first locate a consultant who offers online meetings, and then select an open appointment time with that consultant. A white space indicates an open appointment. When you register for an appointment, select the meet online (in red) option on the appointment registration form before saving the appointment.

A few minutes before the scheduled appointment time, both the consultant and client log in, open the appointment on the schedule, scroll to the

"Start or Join Online Consultation" link (in red), and click that link to open an online meeting screen that allows chat and document-sharing. The consultant and client chat in the chat area (on the right), and upload or paste a document into the large field that contains instructions. Each individual’s typing is color-coded, and the consultant can type directly onto the document (to enter comments such as "Look at this paragraph"). Both the consultant and the client can save the document at any point, both can return to the session later by clicking on the appointment, and both can look through a record of the work completed during the online session.

All face-to-face and online sessions last 45 minutes. The sessions start on the hour, in most cases, and end at the 45-minute mark.

Please let us know if you have questions about this process. Contact Judy Gatton Prats, Director of the UK Writing Center, at

Selected Mythology Sources

These are basic sources--good starting points.  The Library has many more, and additional sources are available on the internet.