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Researching the United States Constitution: Helpful Hints

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Starter tips for your Constitution research:  

Primary Research: Government Publications (SuDoc)

Government Documents collections -- primary research resources. Organized by U.S. government agency in the SuDoc (Superintendent of Documents) classification system:
Agriculture Department: A 1.1: through A 98.27
Federal Register: AE 2.106:
Code of Federal Regulations: AE 2.106/3:
Commerce Department: C 1.1: through C 63.23:
Census of Population and Housing: C 3.223:
Defense Department: D 1.1: through D 305.24/1:
Energy Department: E 1.1: through E 12.20:
Education Department: ED 1.1/6: through ED 1.702:
Environmental Protection Agency: EP 1.1: through EP 13.18:
Health and Human Services Department: HE 1.1: through HE 25.18:
Homeland Security: HS 1.1/2: through HS 9.8:
Citizenship and Immigration Services: HS 8.1: through HS 8.22:
Housing and Urban Development Department: HH 1.1/2: through HH 14.19:
Interior Department: I 1.1: through I 74.15/7:
Justice Department: J 1.1: through J 32.21:
Judiciary: JU 10.1: through JU 9.5/2-2:
Labor Department: L 1.1: through L 41.18:
United States Postal Service: P 1.1: through P 1.62:
President of the United States: PR
Executive Office of the President: PREX 1.2: through PREX 9.16:
Vice President of the United States: PRVP
State Department: S 1.1: through S 24.15:
Small Business Administration: SBA 1.1: through SBA 1.54:
Social Security Administration: SSA 1.1/2: through SSA 1.79:
Treasury Department: T 1.1/5: through T 72.15:
Transportation Department: TD 1.1: through TD 8.71:
Veteran’s Affairs Department: VA 1.1: through VA 1.121:
Congress: X 1.1: through Y 11.19:
For a full list of current SuDoc classes for Federal government publications see