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This research guide aims to help with locating information for Equine Science.  Use the Finding Resources tab for assistance with locating books and articles.  The Databases tab links to several databases relevant to the field, while the Extension Publications tab shows places where these publications are made available. 

For further assistance with any of these tools, tailored research help, or EndNote training, please visit the Agricultural Information Center.  We are located in Agricultural Science Center North (0091), N24.  You can reach us by telephone at (859) 257-2758.

For more information on the Equine Science program at UK, visit the Equine Programs website.

Search Tips

Searching online seems complicated, but doesn't need to be.  To improve the quality of your search results, consider trying:

  • Wildcards/Truncation 
    • Using a wildcard searches more than one form of the word.
      • farm* searches farm, farms, farmer, farming...
    • Most common is asterisk (*), but symbols vary by database.
    • Two exceptions for UK Libraries are:
      • InfoKat uses a question mark (?)
      • LexisNexis uses an exclamation point (!)
  • Boolean Operators - broaden/narrow searches
    • AND narrows a search
      • agriculture AND safety yields results about agriculture and safety.
    • OR searches any of the terms
      • agriculture OR farming searches for both agriculture and farming.
    • NOT excludes term(s) following NOT
      • agriculture NOT corn will provide results about agriculture that don't include corn.

If you are not sure how something works, use the help or tips screen on the database, or contact staff at the Agricultural Information Center for assistance.

Equine Librarian

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