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InfoKat Discovery: How do I ... ?

FAQs / Tips


  • How do I search by call number?
    1. Choose the Advanced Search option to the right of the simple search box. 2. From the Advanced Search page, choose the Browse Search option below the search options.
  • How do I restrict my search to peer-reviewed articles only?
    After you do your initial search, you can restrict to peer-reviewed journals only by choosing the Peer-reviewed Journals limit:
  • How do I search for just ebooks?
    1. After you do your initial search, you can restrict to electronic resources only by choosing the Full Text Online limit:

    2. If you want to further restrict to ebooks, choose Books from the Resource Type limit on the left:

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  • Why does it say "No items exist"? Do you have the book?
    Some titles in the catalog show up with this message, particularly if they are in certain collections (like government documents) or have not been checked out recently. More than likely we do have the book, so check the shelf or make your request as appropriate!

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