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From our presentation "School and Public Libraries Unite: Ensuring our Children are Prepared for a Global Future."

Global Competence

SIM Global Learning (

Welcome to our Guide!

The Expanding Horizons guidebook explains that "all young people deserve the opportunity to learn about world regions and global issues, and to be able to communicate across cultures and in other languages." With the job market changing as well as technologies evolving to build more communication among countries, students need education in global literacy. 

This guide provides you with the resources you need to help your students broaden their understanding of the world and look at new perspectives.

How to Use This Guide:

What is Global Competence?: 
Learn more about Global Competence and find out how it is affecting your school.

Resources & Ideas:    
​This page offers the names of major organizations as well as networking and programming ideas to help you plan Global Competency for your students.

Building a Global Collection:
​Perhaps one of the most important parts of a library is having a collection for students to be able to discover other perspectives on their own. This page offers resources as well as articles that can help you continue to build a global collection.