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UK Libraries Student Jobs: Student Ambassador

UK Libraries Student Ambassadors


UK Libraries is selecting up to 10 students for the 2018/19 Academic Year to be Library Student Ambassadors.  Ambassadors will be trained in the variety of services and resources UK Libraries offers and promote UK Libraries brand, services, & resources throughout campus at  events, in class, in social settings in addition to social media.


Selection Criteria:


Enrolled as a full-time UK Undergrad student in good standing, minimum 2.0 GPA

Demonstrate comfort in speaking and communicating with individuals or small groups

Exhibits an interest and enthusiasm for libraries.

Commits to serve at least one academic year



Attend training session and monthly meetings.

Promote UK Libraries services and exhibits in classes, residence halls, and student organizations.

Engage in assisting outreach events such as staffing tables, K-Week, Midterm/Finals events.

Assist in promoting UK Libraries thru marketing opportunities including social media

Volunteer for events related to UK Libraries Philanthropy

Provide feedback on library services



Build their resume

Become library insiders

Broaden their research skills

Gain confidence and leadership experience



$300.00 each Fall/Spring semester($600.00 an academic year.)

APPLICATIONS AVAILABLE HERE - Apply by April 5th, 2019