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SW 322: Introduction to Social Work and Social Welfare: Welcome

Fall 2016

A message from Lauren

Welcome to the course guide for SW 322. Here you will find links and information that will help you complete assignments for this course. This includes how to contact a librarian for further assistance, where to search for peer reviewed social work journals, and tips on evaluating sources. 

Contact me at if you have any questions!

* Please complete the research exercise by September 16th. 

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Social Work 322 Assignment

From your syllabus:

Find three appropriate articles from current peer reviewed Social Work journals that center on a common theme/social problem (i.e. your articles can be related to Criminal Justice, Violence against Women, Child Welfare, Health, etc. You will be required to hand in a hard copy of each article with the corresponding summary. 

*For this assignment your instructor has defined current as articles published in 2008 or later

For each article write a short (1.5 – 2 page) summary of the article’s key points/findings. In your own words summarize the following:

a. Introduce the topic/social problem
b. Discuss and evaluate the author’s key findings/discussion
c. Discuss what you learned from this article and how this relates to the following i. Social Justice ii. Vulnerable Populations/Diversity iii. The linkages between social work and your other key USP/UK Core courses i.e. what in this article is related to psych, etc.
d. A correct APA reference for the article, and any ideas/phrases, etc. taken from the article need to be referenced including paraphrases. 

Reference Graduate Assistant

Lauren Farmer