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Social Work: Getting Started

A very basic guide to help you with your social work research from choosing search tems, formulating search strategies, executing the searches in appropriate databases and choosing the best resources you identifiy on your social work research topic.

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Basic But Important

Before beginning your research, make sure you understand your assignment. Not understanding all aspects of your assignment from the intellectual content required to the length, style and due date can hamper your research and even adversely affect your grade. 

Annotated Assignment Prompt

Once you understand everything required for the successful completion of your assignment, you can begin the research process.  If you need to review any of the steps in the research process, you can review Research 101:  Understanding the Research Process.

Consider using an assignment calculator like the one below to determine dates by which you should complete various steps in the research and writing process given your starting and due dates.  

Information Sources

Research typically involves identifying and using a variety of sources, including

  • encyclopedias and dictionaries;
  • books;
  • articles from newspapers, magazines and journals;
  • statistical sources, government publications; and
  • videos and other a/v materials
  • websites.

The tabs across the top of this page will help you navigate this guide and find the resources you need to identify information sources in Social Work and related fields. 

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