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* Theatre: Databases

Databases: Best Bets


These databases are the best places to start finding academic research articles for a theatre research paper assignment. You can search the databases by keyword, and the search results will give you a list of articles with their authors, titles, and the names of the journals they appear in.

other online databases for theatre

Primary sources / play scripts online:


Video sites to search for performances:

Scholarly Articles

Introduction to Scholarly Articles intended for students who are new to scholarly research.

Scholarly Articles

Getting the Articles Themselves


Once you have found a list of citations for articles on your topic in the databases, how do you get the articles themselves?


  1. Sometimes the full text of the article is already attached to the database citation, as a PDF or HTML file. (Yay!) If so, just click to open, save, or print it!

  2. More often, the databases provide the citation only, telling you where to find the articles. Check InfoKat to see if UK Libraries has the periodical in our collection and if we have the issue or date you need. (Search by the title of the journal or magazine, not the title of the specific article.)

  3. If our library does have the title and issue/date you need, we might have it online, in hard copy/print, or both. Click through from the InfoKat record for online versions, or for print versions, go to the shelf at the library to find and scan a copy of the article for yourself. 
    If UK does not collect the magazine or journal you need, or we do not have access to the issue or date you need, you can request the article via Interlibrary Loan (ILL). UK Libraries will request a scan from another library and then forward it on to you.



View Now UK

If you see a "View Now UK" button in a database, clicking it can often provide a shortcut to a journal's website, so it is worth trying, but it is often faster and always more accurate to check InfoKat to see if our library provides access to a periodical you need.