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Curiosity is Key: Exhibits & Tools

Research is formalized curiosity. It is poking and prying with a purpose. - Zora Neale Hurston

Science & Engineering Library exhibit


The Science & Engineering Library now houses a display of instruments in the entry way that relate to scientists, engineers and even graphic artists. See if you can name the instruments or know who utilized the various instruments!

Kentucky Newspapers

Kentucky Newspapers  

Curious about Kentucky history and happenings? For more than sixty years the University of Kentucky Libraries has preserved hundreds of Kentucky newspapers, making them freely available to researchers, genealogists, and the general public. Today, we bring those newspaper collections to the world through a fully keyword searchable online interface called the Kentucky Digital Newspaper Program (KDNP). Now, with KDNP's enhanced exhibits portal, we make discovery within our newspaper collections more fun and easier than ever. You can browse select collections, such as African American Newspapers, and research highlights like the Hatfields and McCoys. Each newspaper item or collection links to other interesting and useful resources within the University of Kentucky Libraries and beyond.

Inspiration Station

Inspiration Station is designed to help students find inspiration for writing their first college-level research paper. Use the navigational tools to explore abstracts written by your colleagues – undergraduate students at UK! This is original research conducted by students at the University of Kentucky, under the direction of various faculty members in a wide range of disciplines coming from all colleges on campus.  Projects are selected from the annual Undergraduate Research Showcase, sponsored by the office of Undergraduate Research.  Browse subjects you are interested in to get inspiration as you plan your paper topic.  Then use the library resources for that subject area to help you find published research in that area. We suggest exploring Inspiration Station in Chrome or Firefox.

Ripped from the Headlines

A guide to understanding the wider context behind stories in the news.

Stories in the news rarely come out of nowhere. In fact, many of them are the culmination of long histories. In order to fully understand the stories we see, hear, or read about, we need some background so that we can put the stories into context and begin to form our own opinions about what happened and what the implications are.

The University of Kentucky Libraries has a wealth of resources that can be used to gain that understanding. So, let your curiosity take you on a journey. This site is designed to let you move from one question to the next and follow wherever your curiosity takes you. And often, the more you know, the more questions you have. Hopefully this site will help you get started. Where you go afterwards, is up to you. Check out our Research Guide and our blog.

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Passport to the World: Year of Migration


For 2018-2019, the University of Kentucky (UK) College of Arts and Sciences is excited to sponsor the “Year of Migration.” In our increasingly interconnected world, the program will examine the role migration has played and continues to play in shaping societies across the globe, and here at home. This will be an opportunity to examine the importance of inclusion and diversity for contemporary societies and to draw on the existing diversity of the broader community (city, state, region); faculty, staff, and student voices; activist and academic perspectives; and existing expertise in area studies to create a geographically diverse program for the year. A calendar is available to keep you informed of upcoming events throughout the year. 

To satisfy your curiosity of relevant studies conducted at UK, a non-exhaustive guide, University of Kentucky Faculty Publications on Migration, highlights the research on migration and related topics UK faculty published from January 2013 through July 2018. 

For further research, a variety of resources are available for the curious-minded to learn more about migration and related topics.