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This research guide acts as a resource for those interested in the field of historic costume. This guide was created by Sarah K. Piester for her Master of Science degree in Merchandising, Apparel and Textiles.

Guide Info

Studying historic costume?  This guide is for you. On this guide, you will find: related academic journals and books, costume related theses and plan B project titles completed in UK's RTM department by Merchandising, Apparel and Textiles majors. There are several photographs, descriptions and donor information on UK's costume collection pieces as well.  Also included are links to Lexington area historic sites and homes as well as a list of other institutions' related research guides.  This guide was conceived and created by Sarah Piester.

Kentucky Digital Library

Looking for more primary sources? The Kentucky Digital Library is a resource that allows users to search through digitized manuscript and photographic collections housed in Kentucky.

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Merchandising, Apparel and Textiles Theses and Plan B Projects

Costume Related Theses and Plan B Projects

Survey of Retrieval Systems for Historical Costumes by Martha Rene Skewes, 1975

The Fashions of a Madam: A Material Culture Analysis of Garments from the Belle Brezing Collection by Jamie Hawks Pack, 1992

Wedding Costume Why's by Beth C. Conner, 1993

Performance Design Process: The Design and Construction of a Shaman's Robe by Barbara M. Trowbridge, 1994

A Material Culture Analysis of Selected Garments Owned by Mona Williams Von Bismarck from 1963-1967 by Carrie L. Phillips, 1997

What She Wore: An Analysis of Belle Brezings' Garments from 1882-1909 by Karen Cummins, 2000

Rural Kentuckians: Effects of E-Commerce on the Acquisition of Food and Fiber Products by Debra B. Cotterill, 2001

Perceptual Effects of Docents' and Costumed Interpreters' Dress on Visitor Experiences at Historic Sites by Nicole Huffman, 2007

Quantitative Measures Representing the Difference Between Proposed Fashions in Publications and Dress Worn by Women Photographed in Media Coverage in Central Kentucky from 1940-1950 and 1964-1974 by Molly Kessinger, 2008

Historic Dress as a Teaching Tool in the Middle School Social Studies Classroom by Avery Malone, 2008

Issues in Expanding Access to University Costume Collections by Sarah K. Piester, 2011

Balenciaga: An Analysis of Construction and Design by Chelsea L. McCown, 2011


To access Theses and Non-Theses, make an appointment with the Merchandising Apparel and Textiles Department at 859-257-4917.

  Recommended Journals

To see holdings and locations for paper copies, search InfoKat Discovery; for holdings and electronic access, use E-Journals A-Z.


Clothing and Textiles Research Journal



Family and Consumer Sciences Research Journal

Fashion Theory

Journal of the American Society for Information Science

Journal of Family and Economic Issues

Journal of Home Economics

Journal of Human Resources

Journal of Consumer Affairs

Journal of Consumer Research

Recommended Books

To see holdings and locations search InfoKat for holdings.

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