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Harlan Hubbard Archive: Paintings 1928-1939

This page contains images of Harlan Hubbard's paintings in private collections. They were exhibited as "Harlan Hubbard: a life in the landscape", at the Hopewell Museum, in Paris, KY, in 2008. The images are protected by copyright PLEASE DO NOT REPOST!

Harlan's paintings from 1928 & 1929

View of the River at Brent through the Trees, 1928

Pear Trees on Ridge, 1928, oil

Winter Landscape with Bare Trees, Campbell County, 1928, oil

Dark Hills, 1929, oil

Snowy Landscape, 1928, oil on canvas

Harlan's paintings from the 1930s

Winter Landscape, Trees and Hills, 1931

Summer Landscape, the house on the ridge, 1933, oil on canvas

Bare Trees Against the Sky. 1934, oil on canvas

Sandfoss Barns, 1935, oil on board

In the Railroad Yard, 1937, oil on masonite

Summer Landscape, 1932

Harlan's paintings from the 1930s


Two Cottages at Wellsburg, oil on canvas

Shank's Store, oil on board

untitled landscape


Steep Road, 1938, oil on canvas

Hillside in Fall, 1939. oil on masonite

Fresh Snowfall with Tree in Center, oil