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Latino Music: Home

The different sounds of Latin America and the music that is prospering in Western Society and how it has changed the way Latino music is seen in Western Society.

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Latin America

Latin America consists of Mexico, all of Central America, the Caribbean Spanish speaking countries, and most of South America. The ones highlighted in green speak Spanish and are considered part of Latin America. 

Music in Latin America

Music from Latin America is a very diverse subject. In every country and region of one's country can cause certain music to be composed or played in that area. Not only does this cause there to be a rift in certain cultures, but it may also cause different cultures to be able to connect to one another. 

Music Databases

If needed, provided below will be a link that will send you to the Music research guide and listed will be databases for Dictionaries & Encyclopedias, Histories, Bibliographies, & Indexes, Audio & Video Streaming, and much more.