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SCRC Research Services Account Guide: ExploreUK Requests

This guide provides information for navigating your SCRC Research Services Account

Requesting Materials from ExploreUK

1. Collection guides in ExploreUK contain orange "Request" buttons that allow you to request retrieval or photoduplication of SCRC materials. Some of these appear for an entire collection, while some appear for individual boxes in a collection


2. To select an item for retrieval: 

(A) click the "Select" button to select an item  

(B) click the "Requests" tab in the upper right-hand side of the screen 

(C) click the "Schedule Retrieval" button



3. To schedule your arrival and submit your request: 

(A) Enter all necessary information related your item 

 (B) Select the date you plan to arrive at the Breckinridge Research Room 

(C) Click "Submit Request" 


4. If you have already registered an SCRC Research Services Account, you will be automatically redirected to your account main page where you can manage your requests. If you haven't registered, you will be directed to create an account before your request is submitted.