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SCRC Researcher Account Guide: UK Students, Faculty, and Staff

This guide provides information for navigating your SCRC Researcher Account

Creating A New Account - UK Students, Faculty, and Staff

1. Navigate to Under "University of Kentucky Use Link Blue Account", click the "Login or Register" button.‚Äč

2. You will be directed to your Link Blue login. Enter your Username and Password, then click "Login"


3. A first time user registration terms and conditions page will appear. This page contains information on your Researcher Account, requesting materials, using the Breckinridge Research Room, and copyright notices.

4. Read through and click "I Accept" at the bottom of the page.

5. Fill in your contact information and click "Submit Information"

6. Your registration is now complete. You should see the main menu for your Researcher Account. Click the image below for more information about navigating your Researcher Account.