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UKnowledge: Researcher Profiles

This guide provides information about the University of Kentucky's institutional repository, UKnowledge.

Researcher Profiles on UKnowledge

Faculty and researchers from the University of Kentucky are welcome to create their customized profiles on UKnowledge. If you do not have the time to get a profile started, UKnowledge staff members are available to create and populate the profile on your behalf with reference to your latest CV.  After the work is completed, we will meet with you (or your delegate) and show you how to manage the profile.  You will then be in charge of updating it, but we will be available for assistance whenever you have any questions.  This free library service enables faculty and researchers at UK to:

  • Highlight different types of intellectual outputs and make them available for public access, e.g., journal articles, book chapters, books, thesis/dissertation, presentations, media appearances, etc.
  • Showcase their expertise, honors, and accomplishments
  • Create a professional online presence to connect with their peers
  • Become much more visible online thanks to search engine optimization
  • Receive monthly notifications of download counts of the posted content by e-mail

The profile owner is able to edit and manage the profile anytime.  Additionally, all UKnowledge profiles are showcased in the University of Kentucky Expert Gallery:

In case the profile owner retires or moves on to another institution, s/he can still use and update the profile without interruption.

There is a user guide to help you get started.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the UKnowledge staff by e-mail.

Profile Platform

Researcher profiles on UKnowledge are built on Berkeley Electronic Press's SelectedWorks platform.  Information about it and its feattures is available from the FAQ and the feature list

Researcher Gallery

All researcher profiles on UKnowledge are listed alphabetically by last name in this gallery.  Below are some existing profiles.  (Click the image to view the profile.)