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Arabic & Islamic Studies: LC Call numbers for Arabic & Islamic Studies

This page shows you how to get the most from our library resources for finding good information for your research projects.

LC call numbers for Arabic Language & Literature

PJ6001-8517: Arabic

  • PJ6073-7144: Language
  • PJ6690-6697: Ancient Arabic
  • PJ6701-6901: Modern Arabic dialects
  • PJ6950-7144South Arabian
    • PJ6950-6981Ancient
    • PJ7051-7144   Modern
  • PJ7501-851Arabic literature
  • PJ7695.8-7976: Individual authors or works

Oriental Languages

PJ1-(9500): Oriental philology and literature

  • PJ1-489: General
    • PJ1-(195): Languages
    • PJ306-489: Literature
  • PJ601-989: Special groups
    • PJ601-621: Christian Oriental
    • PJ701-989: Islamic 
  • PJ991-995: Afroasiatic languages

Islam (faith)

BP1-253: Islam

  • BP1-68: General
    • BP42-48: Study and teaching
    • BP50-68: History
  • BP70-80: Biography
    • BP75-77.75: Muhammad, Prophet, d. 632
  • BP87-89: Islamic literature
    • BP100-(157): Sacred books
      • BP100-134: Koran
      • BP128.15-129.83: Special parts and chapters
    • BP130-134: Works about the Koran
    • BP135-136.9: Hadith literature. Traditions. Sunna
    • BP137-137.5 :Koranic and other Islamic legends
  • BP160-165: General works on Islam
  • BP165.5: Dogma (‘Aq~’id)
  • BP166-166.94: Theology (Kal~m)
  • BP167.5: Heresy, heresies, heretics
  • BP168: Apostasy from Islam
  • BP169: Works against Islam and the Koran
  • BP170: Works in defense of Islam. Islamic apologetics
  • BP170.2: Benevolent work. Social work. Welfare work, etc.
  • BP170.3-170.5: Missionary work of Islam
  • BP171-173: Relation of Islam to other religions
  • BP173.25-173.45: Islamic sociology
  • BP174-190: The practice of Islam
    • BP176-181: The five duties of a Moslem. Pillars of Islam
    • BP182: Jihad (Holy War)
    • BP184-184.9: Religious ceremonies, rites, etc.
    • BP186-186.97: Special days and seasons, fasts, feasts, festivals, etc. Relics
    • BP187-187.9: Shrines, sacred places, etc.
    • BP188-190: Islamic religious life
      • BP188.2-188.3: Devotional literature
      • BP188.45-189.65: Sufism. Mysticism. Dervishes
      • BP189.68-189.7: Monasticism
  • BP191-253: Branches, sects, etc.
    • BP192-194.9: Shiites
    • BP221-223: Black Muslims
    • BP232: Moorish Science Temple of America
    • BP251-253: Nurculuk 

Islamic Culture & Society

DS35.3-35.77: The Islamic World (History)

JC49: Islamic state

Political Institutions by Region:

  • JQ1070-1199 Central Asia | Including former republics of the Soviet Union
  • JQ1758-1852 Middle East
  • JQ1499-1749 East Asia 
  • JQ1850 Arab countries
  • JQ1852 Islamic countries
  • JQ1870-3981 Africa
  • JQ3981.5-3986.7 Atlantic Ocean islands
  • JQ3995-6651 Australia. New Zealand. Pacific Ocean islands 

Local Government:

  • JS7520:: Islamic countries

Emigration and immigration. International migration

  • JV8762: Islamic countries

KBP1-4860: Islamic law. SharÄ«ah. Fiqh