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Autism Resources: Multi-Sensory Environment

What is a Multi-Sensory Environment?

"Multi Sensory Environments (MSEs) are designed with two goals in mind: to promote intellectual activity and to encourage relaxation. A Multi Sensory Environment is a dedicated space or room where sensory stimulation can be controlled (intensified or reduced), presented in isolation or combination, packaged for active or passive interaction, and matched to fit the perceived motivation, interests, leisure, relaxation, therapeutic and/or educational needs of the user."

Rehab Mart: Tools for the Job of Living

Rehab Mart: Tools for the Job of Living

Multisensory learning tools are designed to promote cognitive and intellectual activity with multimodal integration of two or more sensory modalities of sound, touch, smell, sight and motion to assist individuals with sensory processing disabilities to overcome obstacles that limit the stimulation of proper sensory integration, assisting with learning a more complete sensory experience.

Multi-Sensory Environments (MSE) Tips