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Breaking News: Real, Disinformation, or Mash-up?

A guide to determining reliability, credibility and bias in news sources

“A democracy requires open access to ideas. It requires a willingness to struggle and learn, to question our own suppositions and biases, to open ourselves as citizens, and a nation, to a world of books and thought. If we become a country of superficiality and easy answers based on assumptions and not one steeped in reason and critical learning, we will have lost the foundation of our founding and all that has allowed our nation to grow into our modern United States.” 
― Dan Rather, What Unites Us: Reflections on Patriotism

This guide will help you navigate through the many and varied news articles that now populate our news feeds, blogs, Facebook and other social media sites.  

Is it credible? Is it disinformation?  Is it click bait?   Check it out before you post!

Selected Books

The books listed here are available at Young Library at the University of Kentucky as indicated.  However, these can most likely be found in many public or academic libraries and all three are available at Amazon.

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