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Woodwind Instruments

Basic resources for finding information on and music for woodwind instruments

Call Numbers


ML931       Woodwind instruments (general studies; history, etc.)

MT339       Woodwind instruments (instruction & study; instrumental techniques)


M357.2      Trios (woodwinds only)

M457.2      Quartets (woodwinds only)

M557.2      Quintets (woodwinds only)

M657.2      Sextets (woodwinds only)

M757.2      Septets (woodwinds only)

M857.2      Octets (woodwinds only)

M957.2      Nonets (woodwinds only)

M1200-M1268     Band music

Call Number Browse Search

If you already know the call number of the genre or medium you are looking for, try these steps to browse the shelves online:

  • Go to InfoKat Discovery Browse search
  • Set the drop-down menu in the yellow tab to Browse by Library of Congress call numbers
  • Type in a call number, for example, ML931, and you'll retrieve books about woodwind instruments that the library owns.