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Woodwind Instruments

Basic resources for finding information on and music for woodwind instruments


The International Double Reed Society was formed in December 1971 as an organization of double reed (oboe and bassoon family) players, instrument manufacturers, and enthusiasts. It currently has over 3,000 members The IDRS encourages the performance of double reed literature, the improvement of instruments, reeds, and related materials, the composition and arrangment of music for double reeds, and the exchange of ideas between the music industry and the Society. The IDRS also acts as a resource for performers and assists teachers and students of double reed instruments. Their website includes information relating to:

  • Annual IDRS Conference
  • Jobs
  • Competitions
  • Grants
  • Recovery of stolen instruments
  • Musical instrument insurance
  • Database of fingerings for trills and difficult passages for double reed instruments
  • Master class videos
  • Links to other oboe, bassoon, and double reed societies