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Woodwind Instruments

Basic resources for finding information on and music for woodwind instruments


The International Clarinet Association was organized in 1973, beginning life as the International Clarinet Society before taking its current name in 1991. (A history of the organization can be accessed here.) Its mission statement reads:

The International Clarinet Association is a community of clarinetists and clarinet enthusiasts that supports projects that will benefit clarinet performance; provides opportunities for the exchange of ideas, materials, and information among its members; fosters the composition, publication, recording, and distribution of music for the clarinet; encourages the research and manufacture of a more definitive clarinet; encourages communication and cooperation among clarinetists and the music industry; and encourages and promotes the performance and teaching of a wide variety of repertoire for the clarinet.

The many resources at the ICA site include:

  • ICA-sponsored high school, orchestral audition, young artist, research, and composition competitions
  • Information and registration for ICA's annual ClarinetFest conference
  • For members: Complete library of The Clarinet back issues and Clarinet Resource Library
  • Links to other associations, ensembles & clarinetists' websites 
  • Links to instrument insurance, reeds, accessories, and equipment retailers, and music shops specializing in clarinet repertoire
  • ICA blog