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Music Theory

A guide for undergraduate and graduate researchers of music theory

Web resources

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A free web source for theory lessons, exercises and tools.  They also have apps for iOS and Android for purchase.

  • Lessons
    • Basics (staff, note duration, rests, steps, accidentals, dots and ties, measures and key signatures)
    • Rhythm and Meter
    • Scales and Key Signatures
    • Intervals
    • Chords (Introduction and building, diatonic, progressions, Neopolitan)
  • Exercises
    • Staff Identification (Notes, Key Signatures, Intervals, Scales, Chords)
    • Staff Construction (Notes, Key Signatures, Intervals Scales, Chords)
    • Keyboard Identification (Notes, Intervals, Scales, Chords)
    • Fretboard Identification (Notes, Intervals, Scales, Chords)
    • Ear Training (Notes, Intervals, Scales, Chords)
    • For Teachers - Exercise Customizer
  • Tools
    • Accidental, interval, scale, chord, analysis, and matrix calculators
    • Utilities
      • Tempo Tap
      • Staff Paper
      • Digital Keyboard


Teoria logoteoría : Music Theory Web is a web site dedicated to the study and practice of music theory. has been developed by José Rodríguez Alvira as a complement for his courses at the Conservatory of Music of Puerto Rico.

Exercises and tutorials are part of the first and second edition of the book From Sound To Symbols by Micheal Houlahan and Philip Tacka published by Oxford University Press as well as the book Stradivari by Salvatore Accardo, Luigi Fiorentini, Gabriele Giacomelli and Paola Lenzi published in Italy by Bompiani.

The site is divided into four sections: tutorials, exercises, reference, and articles.

  • Tutorials - interactive short lessons on reading music, intervals, scales, chords, harmonic functions, and musical forms.
  • Exercises - interactive exercise to help develop written and aural theory skills
  • Reference - a glossary of theory terms and techniques
  • Articles - articles written by the site's authors, including musical analyses


shenker guide logoTom Pankhurst's Guide to Schenkerian Analysis is a companion website to Tom Pankhurt's book ShenkerGUIDE: A Brief Handbook and Website for Shenkerian Analysis.  The website includes resources for both students and instructors:

  • Exercises
  • A survey of Pankhurst's method from the book
  • A glossary of terms
  • Bibliography
  • Tips for presenting Schenkerian graph, including using music composition software

Teaching resources, including Powerpoints and worksheet require registration.



A downloaded program that has limited access with a free download and a much broader access with paid versions across multiple platforms.

The downloadable free version includes 4 beginner modules, interval and chord identification exercises, and 21 lessons.

Online free content consists of Interval song chart generator and a 6 chapter music theory course.

Available for Windows, Mac, and iOS.