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Distance Learning Library Services: Getting Started with a Research Assignment

Research Tips for New Students

4 Research Tips is a great introduction to college-level library research, geared toward new students.

Recommended For: New undergraduate students (or anyone new to research)


Length: Approx 2 minutes

4 Research Tips for New Students

Background Research

Conducting Background Research is an important part of the overall research process. This quick video will give you tips on how to go about this part of the process.

Length: 1:06

Introduction to Scholarly Articles

Introduction to Scholarly Articles helps you learn about what defines a scholarly article, whether or not "scholarly" means "peer reviewed", etc.

Length: Approximately 6-8 minutes

Introduction to Scholarly Articles

Scholarly, Trade, and Popular Publications Overview

This Overview of Scholarly, Trade, and Popular Publications will help you understand the key differences between each of these source types.

Tutorial Thumbnail image


Citation Help

Purdue OWL Citation Resources Guide. 

This Online Writing Lab research and citation page from Purdue University provides examples on how to cite sources ranging from scholarly articles to interviews to TV episodes in MLA, APA and Chicago style. 

Developing a Research Topic

Developing a Research Topic will give you insight into the process of what makes a good research topic and how it often evolves over the course of a project.

Length: 1:16

Selecting Search Terms

Selecting Search Terms is a quick video that helps students understand which terms will best help them find resources related to their topic.

Recommended for: Students


Length: 1:26

Boolean Operators

Boolean Operators are a great way for you to broaden, narrow, and refine your search results. This Boolean Operators animation illustrates what each operator does.

UK 101 - Evaluating Database Results

This video, Evaluating Database Results, is helpful for understanding the criteria you can use in determining if an article is good to move forward with. The criteria is often referred to as the "CRAAP Test" because of its focus on Currency, Relevancy, Accuracy, Authority, and Purpose.

Length: 2:34