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Kentucky Politics: John Sherman Cooper: Domestic Issues

Activity Questions

Listen to the featured interview and write down some of the keywords or topics discussed.

What does this interview tell you about Kentucky and its population during the mid-twentieth century?

Describe Cooper's work on the Senate Agricultural committee. What were Cooper's main contributions to Kentucky in terms of agriculture?


Featured Interview

In this interview, Cooper discusses some of his work on the Senate Agricultural Committee, including securing tobacco price supports, which benefitted the numerous small acreage tobacco farmers in Kentucky.

Despite being interested in foreign policy issues, Cooper was also very mindful of the concerns voiced by his constituents. Cooper was a member of the Senate Committee on Public Works and the Environment and the Senate Committee on Agriculture and Forestry. Cooper upheld and supported legislation for rural electrification through the REA (Rural Electrification Administration), the self-financing of TVA, and tobacco price supports.

Please click on the segment at 1:20:40 (Tobacco/Agricultural committee).

Cooper and Constituents

Cooper sitting on a bale of hay in a tobacco barn talking with farmers.

Cooper talking with tobacco farmers

Cooper, W. (1986). John Sherman Cooper: A Senator and his constituents. The Register of the Kentucky Historical Society, 84 (2), 192-210.

Cooper standing and talking with railroad shop workers in Somerset.

Cooper talking with railroad shop workers in Somerset

Smith, C.T. (n.d.). John Sherman Cooper [Photograph]. Flickr.