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Jack the Ripper's London: Digitized Historical Works

A special topic guide for researching London, England in the mid- to late-Nineteenth Century centering on “Jack the Ripper”

Digitized Historic Books

Mayhew, Henry, 1812-1887, Richard Beeard, and William Tuckniss. London Labour And the London Poor: a Cyclopaedia of  the Condition And Earnings of Those That Will Work, Those That Cannot Work, And Those That Will Not WorkLondon: [G. Woodfall and Son], 1851-62.  Vol. 1-3


Shannon, Mary L. "Henry Mayhew's London Labour and the London Poor." British Library. 15 May 2014.









Booth, Charles, 1840-1916. Labour And Life of the People ... London and Edinburgh: Williams and Norgate, 1891. Vol 1-2.