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NRE/LA 355: UK Geospatial & Geotechnical Teams

NRE/LA 355: Introductory Geospatial Applications for Land Analysis, Spring 2023

UKY Geotechnical Team

The Geotechnical Team leverages the use of multiple geographic, geological and scientific technologies to obtain, analyze, and disseminate information regarding the physical properties of interior infrastructures, the earth, soils, foundations, and subsurface structures for the purposes of investigating and evaluating their condition, location, integrity and interactivity. The Geotechnical team develops and maintains geographically enriched information systems that allow users to interact with critical datasets through a map-centric environment. Those products are used campus wide to support departments such as Network Infrastructure, Utilities and Energy Management, Capital Projects Management Division, and Grounds.

KY Utilities Map (requires linkBlue)

UK Campus Map

UK Facilities Information Services manages the campus map:

UKY Geospatial Team

The Geospatial Team develops and maintains university geospatial datasets and products that support university systems and Facilities Management operations.  This includes designing maps, drawing floor plans, producing landscape designs, and maintaining the UK Campus Map.