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* Business: Career Resources

This guide contains information on how to do research in the field of business.

Search Hints

When searching for information about professions or occupations in the databases, first, think of all possible synonyms -- for example try searching for both doctor and physician or lawyer and attorney.  If you are getting too many hits, you might try searching for a specialization within a particular profession -- such as an anesthesiologist rather than a doctor or a child psychiatrist rather than a psychiatrist.  Do the opposite if you are not getting enough hits.

Search the name of the profession in conjunction with a term or phrase which identifies the aspect of the job you are interested in.  For general information, use terms like: 

Other possible search terms: 
Quality of Work Life
Job Satisfaction
Working Environment

Company Resources

Company's Website - Almost all companies have websites which divulge varying amounts of information about themselves.  In most cases, they will not offer detailed financial information, but sometimes, in an effort to attract investors, they will give some hints.  Look for links for Public Relations, Marketing, New Products.  Often the links are at the bottom of the page and in small print.

Local Newspapers - Often local newspapers will cover smaller, private, regional businesses that do not make it into the national databases - (see the "Getting Started" tab above for newspaper databases). 

Basic Career Information

Print Resources

Encyclopedia of Careers and Vocational Guidance
HF5381 .E52 2008 - Reference - 5 volumes

Series:  Career Opportunities in...
various places in the library
Series provides basic information about numerous careers.  Each volume covers a particular area, such as "Forensic Science," "Travel and Hospitality," or "Journalism," giving information on outlook, salaries, education required, and more.

To find books on particular occupations, you can often search in InfoKat Discovery by typing the plural of the name of the profession (ex. veterinarians) into the search box and then change the box to the right from "Keyword" to "Subject."  In some cases, you will have to be more creative. Sometimes you will be directed from one term to another (ex. use Personnel Management instead of Human Resources Management).

Online Resources

Salary and Location Considerations


America's Salaries and Wages Survey
HD 4973 .A63 2007 - Ready Reference
Includes salary information for more than 2000 occupations in numerous locations around the United States.

Bureau of Labor Statistics - Wages by Area and Occupation
Information about wages for numerous occupations at the national, regional, state, and metropolitan area level.

Location and Cost of Living

America's Top Rated Cities:  A Statistical Handbook

America's Top Rated Smaller Cities:  A Statistical Handbook

Bureau of Labor Statistics - Consumer Price Index

Cities of the United States - 2012

General Encyclopedias and Dictionaries

General Encyclopedia Sources
The following sources can be used to search for information on almost any subject, including different professions and industries:

Gale Virtual Reference Library

Oxford Reference

Reference Universe
Links to electronic articles and citations for paper sources owned by the University of Kentucky Libraries.

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