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Earth and Environmental Sciences: Field Trip Guidebooks

A guide providing suggested resources and other information for research on the topics and subtopics of Earth and Environmental Sciences

About Field Trip Guidebooks

Field trip guidebooks provide geologic information for a particular area.  They are stop-by-stop guides containing detailed information and usually contain maps, photographs and illustrations not typically found in other resources.  Distributed primarily to those who attended a specific field trip these guidebooks are valuable both to professional geologists and students beginning studies in an unfamiliar area.

Find Guidebooks at UK

Guidebooks for geology field trips are often difficult to locate in InfoKat Discovery (IKD).  Published by societies or geological surveys as a series the titles may not be listed in the catalog. Sometimes they are included as part of meeting proceedings or in an issue of a journal. If you begin your search by using the Geologic Guidebooks of North America database it will tell you which organization published the guidebook and will make your search to locate it much easier. 

To find field trip guidebooks, search the InfoKat Discovery Library Catalog by author, title, or keyword. IKD will list the location and call number for each guidebook.

If you cannot find the guidebook you are looking for, contact Sue Smith. 

Resources for Finding and Accessing Guidebooks

Sample Page from Field Trip Guidebook

Used with permission from Kansas Geological Survey.