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Manufacturing Systems Engineering: Article Databases

Primary guide for manufacturing systems engineering students and researchers

Article Databases

These technical databases are useful for research in a variety of science and engineering disciplines. 

SciFinder Scholar

SciFinder Scholar is the primary chemistry articles database. When using SciFinder  for the first time, you need to register to get a username and password. You must use your UK email account to get access. Below are two links - the first for first-time users and the second for registered users that will let you go directly to SciFinder Scholar.

Research Tools

Research Tools

What is a database?

Why use a database when you can use Google

While Google can give you many scholarly articles, it can't refer you to the many additional article references inside a commercial database - and not everything is freely available on the Web.

A commercial database is a collection of materials, in most cases articles from journals or magazines. Some databases include chapters in books, conference proceedings, engineering standards, technical reports and other materials. 

Although some databases have full-text articles, most contain bibliographic information about the article along with a short summary, or abstract.  The information generally includes the author(s), each author's employer, article title, source of the information - journal name or book title, date of publication, number of pages, unique publication numbers such as an ISSN for a journal or an ISBN for a book. 

If full-text is available, there will be a PDF or HTML link; you may also discover full-text from other sources using the button that says "View Now UK."  Databases can be searched by keywords, author names, and other methods.  Use the research tutorials to learn more about database searching.