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* Library & Information Science: Books

For students in the UK Library & Information Science master's program or anyone with an interest in library science

Introduction to InfoKat Discovery

InfoKat Discovery can be a good place to start your research, as you can search for all types of information there (articles, books, and much more).

If you search InfoKat Discovery as the "Library Catalog," it will help you find library materials UK owns, such as books, videos, maps, music, and much more.

The InfoKat Discovery Guide is extremely helpful for learning how to use this powerful tool.

Finding a Book on the Shelf

How to Find a Book on the Shelf provides a brief, basic overview of Library of Congress call numbers, provides practice putting them in order, and explains how to find a book in Young Library for those students who may be on campus.


For distance learning students, it may be more convenient to browse e-books directly, even though you can request physical books be sent to you. The following e-book collections might be helpful.

Browsing the Collection

One way to get started with your topic is to browse the library's collection, either physically or virtually. Much (though perhaps not all) of the information on your topic will be in the Z Library of Congress call number range.

This guide breaks down that classification into specific call numbers for subjects such as circulation, library buildings, collections, etc.


As a member of the UK community, you have full access to these surveys published by the Association of Research Libraries.